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Where to start would be the first thing that comes to mind. The Salt Depot Team has been diligentaly working all summer to ensure we would be more than prepared for anything winter throws at us. We have changed our production schedule and have done everything necessary to make this season completely successful. Simultaneously, we have traveled across the Country, training new teams up and down the east coast, being trained by our chemists and we pulled the trigger on launching two new calcium magnesium acetate products (CMA). Our two new products are non-chloride based ice melt products containing Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA). Both products contain this granular and patented chemical formulation of dolomitic lime and acetic acid. CMA was first identified as a low/non-corrosive alternative to chlorides but is now used worldwide to address environmental concerns and solve problems with corrosion as well as concrete spalling.

100% CMA is non-corrosive on steel reinforcements, rebar, other metals and concrete systems. Switching to CMA can extend the life of chloride contaminated structures by arresting incipient corrosion induced by prior use of salt deicers.

VIPER 2.0 is 100% CMA and 100% LEED compliant. It is safe for new concrete and as non-corrosive as tap water. Melt down temperature of 10°F. Because CMA works by inhibiting water molecules from bonding together (how ice crystals are formed) or to the surface, it is most effective if applied at the beginning of an event.

VIPER MELT is a chloride based blend providing a meltdown temp of ˉ15°. This product can be used even after ice has formed as the magnesium chloride will work from the top down and undercut ice to break bonds. In order to negate the corrosiveness of the chloride, 20% (by weight) of VIPER MELT is CMA. 20% is the amount required to achieve significant corrosion reduction. Competitive chloride products containing less than 20% CMA do not offer the corrosion protection claimed. (See attached graph). When used in conjunction with VIPER 2.0, this product is LEED Compliant.

Although premium priced, long term usage of these product create a significant ROI by preserving the integrity of structures and facilities.

Call us or email us at for a CMA ROI Calculator and lab tested corrosion graphs!

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