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Passion & Innovation

Salt Depot is a LEED certified company.

As a Contractor himself, Darrin Loertscher, owner / operator of Innovative Excavation, Wasatch Top Soil, Innovative Retaining Walls, Innovative Hardscapes, Innovative Property Maintenance (Landscaping & Snow Removal) understands the importance of integrity in all aspects of his companies. Salt Depot was founded out of necessity.  The ice melt  industry was wrought with exaggerated claims,  misleading marketing, inconsistent product supply and bags filled with questionable ingredients.

Our mission is to create lasting customer relationships. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service.  This includes blending products our clients can trust and rely on. Our products are backed by scientific data, lab results  and accurate SDS chemical percentages.

Salt Depot has manufactured and distributed its trademark snow and ice melt products throughout the Nation, to wholesale distributors and retail store chains including: 



Ultraviolet Inc.


Site One


Tyte Paper

Walter Nelson

Products now available for purchase through amazon


Phone: (801) 282-1250

Fax: (801) 282-1251

Email: info@saltdepotinc.com


Shipping hours 8-4 unless otherwise arranged.

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