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About Us

Salt Lake City Snowy Mountains

Our mission is to create lasting customer relationships. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service.  This includes blending products our clients can trust and rely on. Our products are backed by scientific data and lab results.


I believe there is an obligation to integrity and specific standards to uphold when servicing customers, and I will always make sure my customers are taken care of in the best possible way. 


In my snow removal company, we had unreliable products and supply.  Sometimes, we had to purchase retail ice melt products because our suppliers were unable to ship.  Many products had marketing claims such as -10 / -15 F that simply did not work.  Even in warmer temperatures, we received calls from customers questioning if we had serviced their location. We ended up having to do hundreds of sites over again because the product did not perform as promised.


We could no longer put our faith into what manufacturers claimed on ANY given bag.  We purchased our own equipment and have steadily grown our business through high standards and committed customer service. We can now say with the utmost confidence that we give you, our customer, a product that is exactly what it says it is and will work as promised.


In the end, we are satisfied that we have built a business on integrity and service. Now we can share our story and our experience nationwide and most recently internationally. To all our employees, manufacturer reps and customers, thank you for sticking with us through the years. We look forward to growing together.

Darrin Loertscher, Owner and Founder

Purple Ice melt salt

Salt Depot was founded in 2007 out of recognized gap in the ice melt industry.  We are constantly working to improve our products, processes, and service.  Our guiding principle is to give customers exactly what they want, in performance, service, and quality.

Passion & Innovation 

High Standards

In an unregulated industry wrought with exaggerated claims, misleading marketing, and inconsistent products, Salt Depot validates their products with lab tests and maintains strict quality standards to make sure the products you buy each time perform in the same, dependable way on which you have come to rely.  Salt Depot employees understand the importance of integrity in all aspects of business.

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