Frequently asked questions

Is it harmful to vegetation?

In proper quantities, No.
During application if some product gets on vegetation there should be no damage; however, if a pile is dumped in one spot it can kill the vegetation.

Is it harmful to people and animals?

In small quantities, No.
If ingested in small quantities, our products should cause no harm; however, if ingested in larger quantities you should seek medical attention.

Will it harm concrete?

De-icing products on their own do not harm concrete surfaces.
The freeze and thaw cycle is what causes cracking and popping of concrete. De-icing products create a liquid brine after melting snow and ice, it then seeps into porous concrete and eventually refreezes causing cracks. The lower the freezing temp of de-icers the less likely cracking is to occur.

What should I apply?

For asphalt surfaces we recommend straight salt.
For concrete surfaces we recommend a blended product that has a lower melting temp and that will reduce damage to the surface. Do not use snow and ice melt on concrete that is less than one year old or that was not properly finished or cured; spalling or flaking may occur.
When used properly, snow and ice melt products will not harm air-entrained, good quality concrete.
If you are unsure of the quality of your concrete, please consult a concrete professional.

How much should I apply?

Rate of application may vary due to temperature, snow depth and ice content.
Suggested application rate is 50 pounds per 900 square feet.
It is also recommended to remove excess slush after applying product.

How quickly will it work?

This depends on the product and the conditions but generally takes 15 minutes to fully work.

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